Maintenance at 30K, 60K, 90K and 120K

Manufacturers often have routine service schedules applicable based on a vehicle's age and mileage. Some of the more common intervals recur every 30,000 miles. A 30/60/90/120 service check up is designed to address maintenance and inspection items applicable to the respective mileage interval. Generally, these items may include filter changes, fluid changes and comprehensive visual maintenance inspection as well as other items, depending on the specific mileage interval. Most modern vehicles will have received several major service requirements at 90,000 miles. Some however, may not requires some of these items (Timing Belt, for example) until the next interval of 120,000 miles or beyond. However, once the major service intervals have been crossed and the required services addressed, the ongoing maintenance schedule reverts to one very similar to the original 30/60/90 schedule, with some exceptions. These exceptions will vary from one vehicle to the next and may also be influenced by other repairs and maintenance that inevitably become more common with high mileage vehicles.

While manufacturer maintenance schedules almost always have service intervals that fall within a 30, 60, 90,000 mile range (7,500, 15,000, 22,500, 75,000etc.), the 30,000 mile intervals are generally accepted as the most common and important. To help ensure vehicle performance and reliability, ALL maintenance intervals must be addressed based on manufacture recommendations and vehicle use.

Most service check up will include oil change, four wheel tire rotations and balance, check and adjust tire pressure, inspection and replacement of filters, vehicle safety inspection of the tires, brakes, lights, belts, hoses, drive-train and fuel system. At higher mileage the spark plugs, spark plug wires, belts, timing belt would also need to be looked at. Consult your ASE certified technician at A-1 Auto for more information regarding your scheduled maintenance.

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